ChaosMen: Logan Sparks: Edge

Category : 'Edge', Blow Job, ChaosMen, Cum Shot

A challenge was tossed out by Logan. He said …”Super-Size Me!”. Apparently for him, it’s the bigger, the better! So ChaosMen set about setting up this “Edge” video and it turned out to be quite “explosive” in the end!

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Southern Strokes: Blowing Colt

Category : Blow Job, Bondage, Cum Shot, Kissing, South'n Strokes

It can be a lot of fun to tie a str8 boy up and then blindfold him when it’s his first time doing some gay sex act. As you can see by Colt’s throbbing hard cock here at Southern Strokes, it’s a major turn on for him not knowing what’s coming next. The only thing that makes this scene even better, is the hungry hottie named Tyler West they have thrown in to the oral work needed. Colt not only didn’t say a word, but he barely moved a muscle … hot!

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ChaosMen: Joshua: Serviced

Category : 'Serviced', 69-ing, Arsehole View, Blow Job, ChaosMen

In Joshua’s real life experience, he had attempted to suck dick and play with a guy a couple times. He is still exploring his bi-side with ChaosMen and today he is down for sucking Ransom in return. You can tell Joshua is eager to suck dick, but he’s still not quite sure what to do. Oh, he has the basics, but he is just getting started trying a lot of techniques all at once…not hitting a rhythm. But, Ransom was just happy having his dick sucked! The two do some really nice 69 oral action too! … Enjoy!

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Rate These Guys: Steve

Category : Arsehole View, Fingering, Jacking Off, RateTheseGuys

Steve is the latest addition to the Rate These Guys contributors. He is a muscular scaffolder working high up on building sites; a manual labour hunk that wears a hard hat and harness and whistles at women as they walk past. There is nothing refined or ‘put on’ with this lad. Steve is rough and ready, and as likely to be found downing a pint of beer at the local pub as he is spreading his arse cheeks and sliding his spanner into his tight straight hole …!

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