Straight Fraternity: BJ Gets Blown and Finger Fucked

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BJ is in the military, straight and his girlfriend didn’t know he was coming over to Straight Fraternity today to get blown by another guy! BJ has a big cock and a nice body and he told the film crew that an ex-girlfriend had introduced him to a little ass play, so they ran with this information and took it farther and finger-fucked him during the blow job. Once he got closer to cumming, the guys sucking him off stimulated his prostate with a finger until he blew a huge load all over his chest!

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ChaosMen: Dwayne: Serviced

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Dwayne was super nervous about getting his dick sucked by another dude … he is a typical straight guy, worried about getting hard and staying hard ! He’s generally quiet in this ChaosMen video, but he does give Ransom some tips and encouragement along the way.

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Southern Strokes: Christian Fucks Peyton

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There is nothing like watching a couple of country boys fucking. Christian is a hairy blonde boy from Tennessee and Peyton happens to be the Southern Strokes latest find from North Georgia. Watching these two hairy boys was a rare treat these days. It is rare these days to find boys that are natural and not shaving their bodies. They guys enjoyed making this video, and you will enjoy watching it too!

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Southern Strokes: Curtis

Category : Arsehole View, Cum Shot, Dildo Action, Fingering, Jacking Off, South'n Strokes

Curtis is 21 years old, 5’11” tall with a nice defined abs and chest, a 6 inch cut cock and perhaps the most amazing set of trunks holding up a perfect meaty ass. He is straight, but with a bi interest, which is why he agreed to do this video with Southern Strokes today … Curtis took off his clothes and almost immediately spread his legs and started working his hole with his middle finger … but he didn’t stop there, he got his hole nice and moist as he finger-fucked himself as he stroked his hard cock … then took a big 8 inch dido and started drilling his own ass … hot!

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