New York Straight Men: Bobbing On Billy

Category : Blow Job, NY Str8 Men

Billy is horny … he was in a need of a mind blowing blow job. Apparently both of his women were away travelling, a rare event in his household, so no-one was there to service his needs! But New York Straight Men had just what he needed, a service provider. He got the blowjob that he came looking for.

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English Lads: Straight Newbie Jamie

Category : Arsehole View, English Lads, Hand Jobs, Massage

New lad Jamie is a fit bodied Personal Trainer who has not long turned 18 and decided to try a little adult modelling at English Lads. Today this straight lad agrees to let Zack massage him, pull down his boxers, massage his back, his abs, his legs and then, when je casually knocks his cock, Jamie even agrees to the full treatment and lets Zack massage his cock!

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New York Straight Men: Trey Rims Aaron

Category : Blow Job, NY Str8 Men

Aaron had prearranged with New York Straight Men to get his cock sucked on a Sunday evening. That Sunday was a HOT sticky early summer day, and Aaron arrived directly from riding his bike all day. Needless to say that he arrived “less than fresh”. They suggested a shower before the blowjob session, but he had other ideas. He wanted Trey to lick his sweaty ass clean before he sucked his cock. And Trey, being a good little cock-sucker did as he was told!

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Jake Cruise: Beau Flexxx Massaged

Category : Blow Job, Fondling Cocks, Jake Cruise, Licking, Rimming

The ever-so-studly Beau Flexxx is about to treated to an extraordinary massage (plus!) by Jasun Mark, whom the Jake Cruise members know quite well. Jasun is an avid weightlifter and uses those arm muscles of his to maximum advantage as he digs deep into Beau’s aching back and sore legs. Every masseur has his own special technique and Jasun’s involves substituting his tongue to get to those often-neglected anal muscles. And while Beau drifts into the Land of Ecstasy, Jasun stimulates the genitals with his expert ball-licking and cock sucking abilities …

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