Str8 to Gay: Don’t Tell My Girlfriend

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Devin Adams has always had a crush on his workout partner Gavin Waters, and who wouldn’t. Gavin is stunning, equipped with all the right tools – smart, blond, ripped, and constantly horny. Devin has wanted Gavin’s cock in his tight hole since they first met, but Gavin has a girlfriend who Devin is so cruelly reminded of every time Gavin talks about fucking her. They begin their routine together at the Str8 to Gay gym, working dumbbell sets – Devin smiling tells his workout partner that one day he will rip him away from his girlfriend, Gavin brushes off the comment. Devin knows that Gavin’s girlfriend is gone for the weekend and that Gavin hasn’t fucked anything for at least a couple of days, his balls must be full of cum and it’s driving Devin crazy thinking about it. Devin is becoming braver with his come-ons, finally as Gavin is doing crunches telling Devin about how good his girlfriend sucks his cock it becomes too much for Devin’s imagination, Devin blurts out, “I gotta couple of tricks I could show you”. Gavin reminds his friend that he’s straight and has a girlfriend, but all the talk about getting his dick sucked and the constant rubbing of his giant cock while doing crunches is making him hard. Devin is persistent, guided by his hungry hole he reaches for Gavin’s growing bulge – if he can get a tight grip and stimulate Gavin’s massive head, Gavin’s horniness will do the rest. Gavin tries to hit away the skilful hand, but he’s already weak from the tough workout and his legs are locked into an inclined Ab bench – Devin is clearly taking advantage of this stud. Gavin hits away the confident hand once, twice, three times! He’s fighting a losing battle however because each time Devin’s hand touches him he just gets harder. Gavin stops fighting and in a quiet voice says, “Dude you cannot tell my girlfriend”

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Dimi: Wanked

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At Clothed Male, Naked Male, Dimi was overwhelmed with his naked body spread across the laps of three pervy clothed men all enjoying his exposed flesh. Such an innocent young boy’s cock responds quickly to the older men’s expert stroking. His dick felt wonderfully firm and hot. He’s never had his body manipulated by such experienced men and it drove Dimi to have the strongest orgasm of his life!

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Dimi: Violated

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Dimi is so satisfyingly compliant, crouching down to become a naked piece of office furniture before the dominant Clothed Male, Naked Male men even entered the room. It’s horny seeing this straight man offer up his asshole so willingly. One whiff of that sweet sweaty ass crack and they are ready to fuck him. Dimi has a shocked expression on his face when the men first finger his asshole and then slide a dildo up him. His response to this treatment was incredible as his cock went very stiff and he had to control himself from emptying his balls right then and there.

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Dimi: Stripped

Category : Arsehole View,, Fingering, Fondling Cocks, Stripped

Some straight men are violently defiant when ordered to sexually serve other men. But others were born to take orders. Dimi here is a good boy raised to work hard, do his best and overall obey. He’s a star athlete with an incredibly trim muscular body. At first the Clothed Male, Naked Male guys were amused by his gawky boyish face. BUT once the clothes came off and they ran their hands over his slim boyish figure and his tumescent cock they were powerfully aroused. This is a pure untouched young lad and the guys found it perversely satisfying breaking in Dimi’s stunningly perfect tight arsehole. Moreover it was horny having such an obedient fresh boy naked at their feet. It only seems right and natural that he should remain this way permanently.

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