Str8 to Gay: The Maintenance Man

Jake Steel is the in-house maintenance man working for the apartment building that Julian Smiles lives it. Maintenance had given tenants notice for weeks that they would be entering apartments to install energy saving light bulbs whether tenants are home or not and today is the installation day. Jake arrives at Julian’s apartment and knocks several times, finally letting himself in. To Jake’s surprise Julian is resting and from the looks of it is probably naked under those covers tempting Jake to take a peak … the Str8 to Gay cameras captured all the ensuing action …

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Str8 to Gay: Body Shop

Dean Monroe thought he just needed his brakes fixed on his truck, but after watching motor oil and sweat stained Phenix Saint working for the last couple of hours, it seems Dean is going to need a personal oil change of his own. Dean is not one to be shy and after the auto work is complete he straight up tells Phenix that he really likes him and would like to suck his cock … the Str8 to Gay cameras captured all the ensuing action …

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New York Straight Men: Butt Fucked!

This is a butt fuck movie, because Billy wanted a piece of ass this time around! Trey knew his time had come, he was gonna get it up the butt and there was no backing out. Billy really slams Trey and shows no mercy. Trey manned up and took it! Yeah it hurt at first, but Billy was having so much fun Trey got into it too. Billy told New York Straight Men that he can’t get this rough with his women, so fucking a guy has to be rough and tough, he needs to release more than just cum … he has to release the day’s tensions! Billy got to release both all his tension and all of his seed!

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