Southern Strokes: Cord and Haigan

Cord made a special request to the Southern Strokes producer … he wanted to get fucked by Haigan. Cord had watched all of Haigan’s videos and he just had to get his ass wrapped around Haigan’s big angry uncut cock. If you haven’t figured it out by now, then let me tell you that this is exactly the kind of thing that gets Haigan turned on. He fucking loves to hook up with guys that really dig him … check out the guys as they both get their wishes fulfilled!

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Southern Strokes: Witt Fucks Carson

Before this Southern Strokes video shoot started, Carson had been talking smack all day about his oral abilities, so when filming started Witt immediately put him to the test by shoving his semi-hard cock all the way down Carson’s eager throat. Carson had no problem backing up his smack talk. Then the fucking started and, true to form, Witt bent Carson over the end of the couch and then mounted his amazing ass. With one swift, and not-so-gentle, thrust, Witt drilled Carson deep, Carson grunted with pain, but heroically took everything Witt had to give …


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