Clothed Male, Naked Male: Ben Hazed: Pt 3

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Ben is taking his hazing like a real sport. Spread naked with a bottle up his ass he can’t control his throbbing hard penis leaking precum. The confident clothed men from Clothed Male Naked Male take total control of his body leaving him speechless and desperate to empty his achingly full balls. The overwhelmed boy had no clue what he was in for when he signed up for this team, but this treatment is now going to be a daily ritual performed before and after practice.

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Ben Hazed: Pt 2

Category :, Fingering, Hazing, Violated

Stripped down naked Ben is getting hazed in the middle of the rugby club at Clothed Male Naked Male. Lubbing up his tight asshole with spit he’s fingered rigorously causing him to grow a throbbing erection. Pinned naked between the three older clothed dominant men he’s totally overwhelmed by the men groping and teasing him till he’s dripping with precum and desperate to ejaculate. Ben can’t be considered a full member of this team until he’s received a whiskey bottle up his ass. Drop back tomorrow to see what happens next!

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Ben Hazed: Pt 1

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It’s sports initiation time at Clothed Male Naked Male and in the local rugby club bar, the chanting jocular guys have it in for their new teammate Ben making him go through an initiation that every club member has experienced. Accustomed to being naked around each other in locker room showers he’s made to get closer than ever to his teammates. With his pendulous uncut dick and big heavy balls getting tugged it’s a struggle for good-natured Ben to complete his challenge of clambering over his clothed club brothers. It’s a good thing he took a long shower before coming for a drink because the guys get a long whiff of his tight sporty asshole while teasing his cock till it goes stiff. Drop back tomorrow to see what happens next!

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Examining Douglas: Pt 3

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At Clothed Male Naked Male, the Liverpool Irish managers are looking for a really strong runner with powerful thighs. This club likes to keep things within the family so when veteran coach Nick brings his younger brother Douglas to the managers they are very interested in his potential. They are fascinated by the appearance of Douglas and are interested to compare the brothers’ naked bodies to see what family traits are duplicated. Examining Douglas’s tender 18 year old penis side by side with big bro’s hefty thick cock gives an idea of how he will continue to develop. This experience is a revelation for Nick who is coaxed to show his affection by kissing his little bro with tongues and familiarize himself with the heft of his brother’s dick and the smell of his asshole.

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