Straight Fraternity: Cody: Blindfolded, Bound and Hazed: Pt 1

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Sweet young Cody has no idea what’s going to happen to him while he’s blindfolded or that gay-for-pay stud Abel was invited over to Straight Fraternity to take advantage of him … he get a blow job, his nipples tweaked, his arsehole fingered and his cock jerked off. It turns out Cody is super-ticklish after he cums! Check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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Groping Hands: Darren

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At the new hot and sexy site called Groping Hands, straight footballer Darren is hungry for fame in the porn industry, even if it means getting done over by two pervy blokes. Notice how his face creases in shame during this groping session as he’s relentlessly mauled by the men’s hands. He must surely be desperately reminding himself that this is just one step towards achieving his dreams of porn stardom. His hairy young sporty body is exposed, groped, his tight ass is fingered and his long hard cock is jerked off.

*Although Groping Hands is no longer updated, it is well worth joining for a month and grabbing all their really hot videos!

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Straight Fraternity: Nicholas Gets Hazed

Category : Blow Job, Cum Shot, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Hazing, Licking, Str8 Fraternity

The Straight Fraternity Pledge Master found Nicholas at the mall and promised him he could make some extra money for the holidays at the Fraternity. The next day he came over after work and agreed to be tied up, teased, sucked off and then jerked off till he cums!

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My Straight Buddy: JO Contest

Category : Cum Shot, Fun & Games, Jacking Off, My Str8 Buddy

Mark, George and Cole were hanging out at the My Straight Buddy pad, getting drunk and naked together … when the cameraman told them about some YouTube videos he had found with guys playing naked Guitar Hero … they thought that sounded like fun. It wasn’t long before their competitiveness was brought out they were all about contests. They agreed to a jerk off contest, and although Mark doesn’t finish first, he certainly finishes the best, shooting such a huge load that it gets in his hair. Afterwards they all pile into the bathroom for showers together …

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