Groping Hands: Sean

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Tall, broody and hairy, Sean is a roguishly handsome straight stud who gets stripped, anally finger fucked and jerked off at Groping Hands. He is the embodiment of the jock we lusted after back in school. But instead of secretive stealthy glances in the locker room we now get to watch his naked body being sexually dominated and controlled for our visual pleasure. This new site is so worth a visit …!

*Although Groping Hands is no longer updated, it is well worth joining for a month and grabbing all their really hot videos!

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ChaosMen: Maxwell: Serviced

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In spite of being straight, Maxwell was totally comfortable getting his dick sucked by another dude. He was eager to be serviced and he didn’t need to reply on the str8 porn playing in the background much at all … ChaosMen model Ransom sucked him like a pro, and when he casually brushed his arsehole with his finger, Maxwell let out a little gasp of encouragement. Ransom was soon fingering his hole, and Maxwell’s cock was at full mass!

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Southern Strokes: First Timers: Brandon and Beau

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Brandon and Beau are both as country as you can get, so they are just as open and honest as a person can be. It didn’t take much coaxing to get them to do a video together here at Southern Strokes, but oddly, as soon as the cameras turned on, both of theses guys started acting like they were back in the High School gym locker. It was obvious that both of them wanted to jump in and suck the other one’s cock, but they didn’t want to have to make the first move! The guys stripped naked and sat next to each other while they jacked off and watched a little porn. It wasn’t long before their hands wandered over and they started feeling each other up and jacking each other off. Beau was stroking Brandon’s big fat cut cock when he leaned over and took Brandon’s dick in his mouth and slowly took it down his throat. After Beau sucked Brandon for a while, Brandon leaned over and returned the favour. Brandon pumped Beau’s road with his hand as his mouth followed in unison. It seems both guys enjoyed sucking their first cock, but Beau went back for seconds, before they each milked out their own creamy white loads.

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Groping Hands: Ryan

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Gangster boy Ryan may have a baby face, but he’s got a tough attitude and multiple layers of clothes hiding his trim, athletic body. The Groping Hands guys have noticed dozens of feisty lads like this on the street, mouthing off to strangers and taunting them with their trousers hanging so low that it shows off their underwear. Now this thug gets stripped of his ridiculous hustler gear so his body can be freely displayed and groped by the men’s eager hands. When he’s fully naked and completely vulnerable, the bravado drops away, leaving this sexy guy more exposed than he’s ever been in his life, as he’s anally penetrated by fingers and a dildo and has his cock jerked off. This hot new site is so worth a visit … !

*Although Groping Hands is no longer updated, it is well worth joining for a month and grabbing all their really hot videos!

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