English Lads: Paddy’s Anal Fun

Category : Butt Plug, Dildo Action, English Lads, Fingering

When super-hot straight lad Paddy turned up at the English Lads studios he was even fuller of beans than usual. He said he was up for trying a few new toys in this new shoot! When he saw the collection of toys they had available for him to play with … he was shocked and a little taken aback, but up for a challenge and boy what a challenge this collection of toys was! Paddy slips some lube up his hole with a finger and inserts the battery powered one; turns it on and pulls some funny faces … you just gotta watch this guys video … it’s a total turn-on!

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Rate These Guys: Kris: Anal Images

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Competition, RateTheseGuys, Showing Off

Kris displays his tightly puckered arsehole … located between his two rock hard, muscular butt cheeks! He moves around and shows it off a few positions while talking about his anal experiences with a girl. Kris is straight, and wants you to know that, but smiles knowingly at the Rate These Guys camera at the thought of you enjoying his video. What a tease!

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Groping Hands: Shamus

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Butt Plug, Cum Shot, Dildo Action, Fingering, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Groping, Groping Hands, Hand Jobs, Jacking Off, Stripped, Wanked

At Groping Hands sporty rugby lad Shamus is all about attitude and intimidation. When he’s out on the pitch he has a fierce imposing look as he charges through the men around him with his tall muscular body. But here, today, he’s disarmed and put off guard, and he must consent to allow these men’s insatiable greedy hands to handle every part of his body, fingering his anus, and skilfully manipulating his hefty cock until he’s hard and aching to cum!

*Although Groping Hands is no longer updated, it is well worth joining for a month and grabbing all their really hot videos!

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Straight Fraternity: Jacob’s First Fuck ( with Dalton )

Category : Anal Play, Blow Job, Cum Shot, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, Fun & Games, Hand Jobs, Jacking Off, Kissing, Paddling, Str8 Fraternity

The legendary Straight Fraternity Bowl of Tricks gives Dalton and Jacob an excuse to perform new sex acts on each other. It starts with deep kissing and paddling, and ends with Jacob fucking a guy for the first time.

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