My Straight Buddy: Beer Pong Jerk Off

The My Straight Buddy webmaster’s buddies James, Ted and Ricco came over one otherwise boring evening, and you won’t be surprised to discover that a night of drinking led from one thing to another, and they ended up playing naked beer pong! James and Ricco are best friends and war buddies. Proof: they have matching tattoos. All of them work together, so they’re super comfortable around each other, to the point no one cares when James starts playing with himself and then gives in to the cock and starts stroking it in front of everybody. The nut he gets is hard fought, but well worth it!

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My Straight Buddy: Magical Michael

Mike and Joe and a some of Mike’s buddies went out to the bars, and came back to the My Straight Buddy studio with Mike’s old Platoon Sgt, who had just gotten out of the Marine Corps and was out drinking to celebrate. Nobody can keep their clothes on, and Mike, being hot and horny, was no exception. The best part of this video is when Mike’s buddy channels his old salty self and starts barking out orders to his ex-troop just like back in the day when Mike first joined the Fleet. And just check out that arse, and how much he likes showing it off!

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Naked Sword: I Want Your Love: The Movie

Director: Travis Mathews
Studio: Naked Sword
Actors: Jesse Metzger, Ben Jasper, Keith McDonald, Ferrin Solano, Wayne Bumb, Brontez Purnell, Jorge Rodolfo, Peter De Groot
Description: Few films have captured the reality of gay life — and gay sex — like “I Want Your Love.” The film follows one man (Jesse Metzger) during his last weekend in San Francisco, as he comes to terms with the city he loves, and friends he’s leaving behind. Hailed by critics for both its eloquence and its explicitness, director Travis Matthews’ debut feature marks him as an astounding new voice in queer cinema.

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Southern Strokes: Carson Sucks Haigan

Haigan started off by testing Carson’s gag reflex and grabbed the back of Carson’s head and shoved it onto his semi-hard cock. He made Carson suck him until he was ready to feel his cock inside Carson’s hole. When Haigan starts fucking, an animal in him cums out and he just goes into another world. He didn’t waste time as he started slamming his cock into Carson so that the entire Southern Strokes camera crew could all hear his balls slapping against Carson’s ass.

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