SpunkWorthy: Blowing Galen

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Galen, as discovered from his earlier scenes with SpunkWorthy, had only lost his virginity last summer and, since first showing up on the site, has been dabbling in a few new things with guys … but only on film, not in private. Although he maintains that he’s straight, it would seem that Galen is more bi-curious than he lets on. As soon as the cameras were rolling, Galen’s jeans start to tent up with a hard-on underneath the denim. He’s normally a pretty quiet guy, but when some lips around his cock, the look on Galen’s face said it all. He closed his eyes and let out a soft gasp in appreciation of the warm mouth sucking his shaft …

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Straight Fraternity: Jacob’s Arse Play

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All the guys at Straight Fraternity seem to have been experimenting with arse play lately … either another guy’s or their own. Today Jacob gets his very first rim job and anal fingering from another guy … and from the look of ecstasy on his face when he’s cumming … the lad likes it!

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Rate These Guys: Aiden: Arsehole Images

Category : Arsehole View, Competition, RateTheseGuys

This well spoken young lad has a bright future if this anal video he submitted to Rate These Guys is anything to go by. He displays his tight hole in a few positions, talking eloquently about his experiences of having his arse played with in recent years. At 18, he’s still exploring his turn-on’s and one thing Aiden is sure about is that his hole leads to sexual arousal.

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My Straight Buddy: Beer Pong Jerk Off

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The My Straight Buddy webmaster’s buddies James, Ted and Ricco came over one otherwise boring evening, and you won’t be surprised to discover that a night of drinking led from one thing to another, and they ended up playing naked beer pong! James and Ricco are best friends and war buddies. Proof: they have matching tattoos. All of them work together, so they’re super comfortable around each other, to the point no one cares when James starts playing with himself and then gives in to the cock and starts stroking it in front of everybody. The nut he gets is hard fought, but well worth it!

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