New York Straight Men: Sean Is Fucked (by Michael)

Category : Arsehole View, Fucking, NY Str8 Men

The New York Straight Men Producers recently decided that their resident cock-sucker Sean, really needed to get his round, furry arse fucked! They thought Michael would be a great choice, as they knew he would do a great job. Michael is passionate and tender, yet aggressive and dominate when the need arises. He has deflowered many a young virgin girl is his time, it’s been almost a year since Sean got it up the butt making him an “almost virgin” again! Check it out …

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Straight Fraternity: Geovani and Brian

Category : Cum Shot, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Jacking Off, Str8 Fraternity

Franco, the Director at Straight Fraternity, invites his adventurous buddy Brian over to see what he can get straight newcomer Geovani to do on camera. Geovani may not be willing to suck dick, but he clearly doesn’t mind getting a blowjob from another guy!

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Straight Fraternity: Ryker

Category : 'Serviced', Audition, Blow Job, Cum Shot, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Jacking Off, Str8 Fraternity

Hairy 25-year-old Ryker gets the full casting couch experience at Straight Fraternity today. He’s blindfolded, felt up, stroked and blown before webmaster Franco pushes this unprepared, but horny, straight guy into sucking his dick and jacking a huge load out of him … hot role reversal!

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My Straight Buddy: 4 Naked Buddies: Pt 2: The Jerk Off Contest

Category : Competition, Cum Shot, Fun & Games, Jacking Off, My Str8 Buddy

These four naked buddies and the My Straight Buddy cameraman had been hanging out partying for a couple hours, and they were all drunk and tired. And out of that hazy fog of intoxication and whatnot, Robbie started talking shit about who could come fastest even though they were all so wiped out, and of course when they started getting competitive about it, it all started over. Check it out … BTW, Robbie is apologizing at the end because he actually came on the camera. His load shot all the way over and landed right on the view screen, which automatically meant that he won for distance … LOL!

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