New York Straight Men: Otto

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Meet Otto! He is a Native New Yorker of Puerto Rican heritage. Otto, like most Latin guys, can’t resist a good blowjob … as long as it is on the down low … as his Latina girlfriend can never find out that he will take a blowjob off of just about anybody, as long as they are good. New York Straight Men cock sucker Sean, who is also a Native New Yorker, but of Irish heritage, was delighted to give this hot Puerto Rican guy the down low blowjob he was looking for. Otto started out watching pussy porn on his phone only to realize that Sean’s hot mouth really enhanced his experience more that he expected …

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Straight Fraternity: Eddy

Category : 'Serviced', Blow Job, Bondage, Cum Shot, Hand Jobs, Str8 Fraternity

The Straight Fraternity Webmaster ties 6ft tall, 20-year-old Eddy’s hands together behind his head and gives him a blowjob. This straight pool boy may get a lot of play, but he’s never been sucked off like this before. Check out the size of this lads cock … wow, it sure gets rock hard too!

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My Straight Buddy: Nick and Brennan: Naked Wrestling

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After watching Robbie and Steve’s amateur wrestling hour on My Straight Buddy, Nick and Brennan decided to step up and show the kids how the men do things! Nick and Brennan are both much larger, and much more skilled, so this round is that much more intense. Robbie and Steve stuck around to watch, and although Robbie is giving out instruction the whole time, neither Nick or Brennan were listening to anything he had to say … both of those guys seem to know what they’re doing. After the bout, the guys jacked off together, side by side, then even showered together and washed down each others naked bodies!

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SpunkWorthy: Preston: Gay Massage

Category : Arsehole View, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Massage, SpunkWorthy

It took two years for Preston to bare his beefy, hairy bod to the world, so the SpunkWorthy team weren’t expecting him to come back for a gay massage scene anytime soon. But surprises do happen and here he is … a bit nervous and, like most of the straight guys, unsure whether he could get off with the help from another guy. But luckily, he needed the cash and was willing to blur some of the sexual boundaries. Check out his first time being man-handled on a massage table!

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