SpunkWorthy: Lance Fucks Galen

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Lance and Galen finally agreed to come back into the SpunkWorthy studio, for some hardcore action. They were both nervous as they stripped off each other’s clothes, revealing Galen’s smooth body and Lance’s hairy one. Galen got right to work on Lance’s cock, sucking him down all the way to his hairy balls. Lance grabbed Galen’s head and pushed him even deeper, thrusting his dick in and out of Galen’s mouth. Then the time came for the main event … “Come here,” Lance eventually said, grabbing Galen and leading his arse toward his cock. Galen sat right down on Lance’s hard pole, and began bouncing up and down on it. Lance proved to be quite the top, turning Lance around and fucking him from behind, then flipping Galen onto his back, legs up in the air, and pounding away with abandon. Check it out!

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Videoboys: Jimmy Little and Joey Lafontaine: Flip Flop Fuck

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Videoboys wanted straight lad Joey Lafontaine to take his gay porn career to the next level: that is, to get fucked by a real guy, in front of their cameras. Joey agreed, but he wanted them to find a way that he could do it, but at the same time, still maintain some portion of his masculine reputation! But how to do it? What about a flip flop fuck (where Joey can fuck a guy and then flip and get fucked by the same guy – so it’s kind of an equal thing). But with whom? … well, Joey and Jimmy Little have been friends for about a year now and always have fun when they’re together. But in all that time they’ve never gotten around to doing anything sexual together … so what better excuse for their relationship to change direction!

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Groping Hands: Wayne

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Fit and sporty Wayne, is a smooth-bodied footballer with a lean, hard body that he’s developed from running up and down the pitch all day. His tall, imposing stature and muscular body make for an intimidating sight, so it gives the pervy guys at Groping Hands a real rush to be able to dig their hands under his sexy football kit and groping him wherever they please. He enters the room as a tough macho hetero, but after the hands skilfully manipulate his highly reactive body and dick, he’s turned into an anal whore desperate to have his big pendulous balls emptied!

*Although Groping Hands is no longer updated, it is well worth joining for a month and grabbing all their really hot videos!

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SpunkWorthy: Randy: Gay Massage

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“Let’s do it,” Randy said as he lay face down on the SpunkWorthy massage table, his hairy bubble butt already seducing the camera. He was about to get his first ever massage from another guy … and it would also have a “happy ending” too! Check it out …

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