New York Straight Men: Rimming Ryder

Category : 'Serviced', Anal Play, Arsehole View, Blow Job, First Time, NY Str8 Men, Rimming

Ryder wanted to stop by New York Straight Men for a quick blowjob and they were naturally cool with the idea, however they told him that he would have to first agree to be one minor stipulation … he had to allow Sean to eat his arse and he had to get into it as much as he possibly could. This was actually a huge deal for Ryder, as no woman had ever licked his arsehole and on the rare occasions when he lets a guy suck his cock his arsehole has always been off limits. It is funny how some straight guys are like that until they get a tongue up their hole. Anyway he agreed … but at first Ryder was not very comfortable in fact he said it felt a little ticklish … but in the end he warmed up to it, and in fact afterwards he said in the future if the only way to get his dick sucked was to get his arse eaten, then he would go along with it quite happily!

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Straight Fraternity: Warren and Bradley

Category : Anal Play, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Jacking Off, Licking, Side/Side Jerk, Str8 Fraternity

Warren and Bradley go gay-for-pay today with Straight Fraternity, agreeing to get off together for cash. With some mutual J.O., blowjobs and greasy arse frottage, both shoot big loads and one of them is all over the other!

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New York Straight Men: Doug: The Emergency Blow Job

Category : 'Serviced', Arsehole View, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Fondling Cocks, NY Str8 Men

Doug has had some big life changes recently … but his love for sex, especially oral sex, has not changed! Earlier today he had been out with his buddies playing touch football on this cool autumn day. He was tired, but horny, and he really needed to bust a nut … it was driving him crazy … but he wanted a lazy way to get off … and that would be letting a gay guy suck him off, so naturally he called New York Straight Men!

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