SpunkWorthy: Cole: His First Gay Massage

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As much as Cole enjoyed his porn debut last time he was at SpunkWorthy, everyone felt sure it would be his one and only appearance, as he was really worried that his GF would find out about the video and was consequently very hesitant about taking the next step in his porn progression. But with a couple of the other model (who are his friends in real life) he decides to take the chance and agreed to do this video … his first gay massage with a happy ending! Check it out!!

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Desperate Straight Guys: Sucking Str8 Dick

Category : Blow Job, Cum Shot, Desperate Str8 Guys, Fondling Cocks

In this hot video from Desperate Straight Guys we find two hot young men in a tight space. One stud is down on his knees and has a slightly worried look on his face as he moves his hands up to the pants of the other guy and starts to pull them down! He pulls out a nice smooth shaved cock and begins to suck on it, getting it nice and hard. Between sucks he strokes it a bit, up and down with the long dick finally blowing a huge load all over his nice smooth face!

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Desperate Straight Guys: Mic Vargas and Josh Myers and Tommy Murdoc: Fucking Straight Boys

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This scene from Desperate Straight Guys finds new comer Mic Vargas in an argument with his girl on the phone. Josh Myers and Tommy Murdoc happen to hear his struggle as they walk by and invite him back to their motel room for some relaxation. Once up there Mic soon realizes that their idea of relaxing involves hard cocks. At first he wonders if they are fucking with him, but soon receives a far better blow job than his girl could ever deliver. The dick sucking continues and leads into some of the hottest butt fucking you’ve ever witnessed. Josh rides Tommy like a horse before these guys take turns covering each other in cum!

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Gay Hoopla: Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels: Flip Fuck

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Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels got along really well during their recent weekend getaway with Gay Hoopla. They were virtually inseparable, talking about their lives, cracking jokes, and comforting each other during their first gay sex scenes … ever! Jeff was a pro from the beginning … and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy pleasuring his new friend Max. Max on other hand had the jitters and was super nervous. After Jeff completely made him feel comfortable, and had gained Max’s trust, Max let Jeff spread those butt cheeks apart for the main event. Max said “I was nice to you, now you be nice to me.” … ah, ain’t love grand … and we get to see a flip flop fuck!

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