Straight Fraternity: Christopher and Jason: Tricked

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Big black straight hunk Jason says he feels like he was tricked into doing what he did with Christopher here this week at Straight Fraternity … but it definitely looks like he enjoyed it in the moment. Not only does he sucks cock and eat some arse, but he also helps Christopher bust a nut … and that’s all before he cums a huge load himself!

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Straight Fraternity: Gabriel and Braxton: High Five

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20yo Gabriel, who’s into both girls and guys, says he’ll try anything once … and that everything turns him on the first time he tries it. In this video from Straight Fraternity he not only sucks cock, but also 69’s with another guy … and then later he really gets off when there’s three guys jacking off all over him. It’s high fives all around as the guys celebrate, but once Braxton blows his load, it’s back on for Gabriel, who gets paddled by everyone for being such a little bitch.

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Straight Fraternity: Gage and Wesley: All In

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Straight hotties Gage and 21yo fraternity brother Wesley compete against each other to see who’s going to walk away with two pay cheques from Straight Fraternity … and who’s going to get a cum load to the face!

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Broke Straight Boys: Sergio Valen and Vadim Black

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Sergio and Vadim seem pretty eager to start sucking and fucking … at least, eager for two straight guys! They swap a little spit before Sergio moves south and takes Vadim’s uncut cock in his mouth, sucking on it and making it grow as Vadim thoroughly enjoys the feeling of Sergio licking and sucking on his dick. But now that Sergio’s showed him how it’s done, Vadim’s got something to prove as he goes down on Sergio, deep-throating his massive prick before Sergio tells him to lie on his side and get his arsehole ready for his rock-hard cock! Broke Straight Boys does this so well … it seems like there was really no way that poor Vadim could have prepared himself for Sergio’s huge curved cock, and he cries out in pain as Sergio enters him! Check it out!

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