Debt Dandy: The Broke Lad From The Old Apartment Building

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When the Debt Dandy arrived in this week’s client’s apartment at the top-floor of an old apartment building, the lad he met seemed not to be quite aware of his situation. First our cameraman offered him the loan with a horrible interest rate – which he accepted. So instead our cameraman had to remove that option and offered him instead the good old fashioned money-for-sex thing. The guy was actually in debt because of his former girlfriend who was obviously too expensive for his income. He is a small cutie – and the cameraman decided that he really wanted to have him ….but the lad was quite annoying, as he wanted to know everything upfront. What is he going to do with him, how long it will take, why does he have a cam and so on … but he found out all the answers within the next hour or so!

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Straight Fraternity: Donny and Scrappy: Splatter

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While their girlfriends are out of town, 20yo lads Donny and Scrappy make a little extra cash at Straight Fraternity by jacking off and cumming on each other. Donny says he’s never had a better blowjob, and then he splatters his warm cum load on Scrappy’s smiling face!

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ChaosMen: Isaiah and Jet

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Jet was very eager to work for ChaosMen, and after his Serviced and Edge videos, he was looking forward to trying some major duo action. The ever hard Isaiah has been off working the rodeo circuit (this kid is always banged up!), but was also eager to get back into the swing of things. He is always so passionate on set, and he must be one of the best kissers. Isaiah always gets his hands in there, pulling his partner in for deep kiss. Jet has done dildo play with his girlfriend, so he was only a little surprised when Isaiah pushed a finger deep inside his asshole while sucking his cock … a totally hot scene … not bad for two straight guys!

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Straight Fraternity: Clay and Trey: Go Deep

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Clay and Trey face off in a deep throat challenge at Straight Fraternity. Who can take the other’s equally thick cut cock down the deepest? Both guys are competitive, both swallow cock until they choke and, in the end, they both shoot extra-large loads!

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