Debt Dandy: This Hot Str8 Casanova Gets A Dildo Up His Virgin Arsehole

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The Debt Dandy cameraman meets all kinds of people in the work that he does, but today’s young man is kind of special. He looked good and seemed to be also quite intelligent. Even though he didn’t have a full-time job, he somehow managed to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and shared his apartment with his girlfriend. And, he revealed during his interview, that he even had a second “girlfriend“. Indeed, he was a real Casanova … with his sultry eyes and sexy smile! But he also had a lot of debts. More than 40 000 CZK. And when our cameraman offered him the money in exchange for one hour of good sex he was rather shocked … and immediately rejected the suggestion. But our cameraman was really fascinated by this lad and offered him even more money than he originally asked for, and this time he said yes! Would he be as good a lover in bed that so many girls obviously love him for? Check out the images below to see if he is!

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Bad Puppy: Mattias Solich

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In this hot scene from Bad Puppy, we find Mattias rubbing his hairy, sculpted chest and rock hard abs with his rock hard uncut cock already protruding from inside his underwear. He spreads out on the sofa giving a wide view of his arsehole, and then he starts fingering his own hole while stroking his cock. Then a male masseur walks in, and finding Mattias with his arse in the air, walks over, squeezes some oil onto Mattias’s back, butt cheeks and hole and then begins to sensually work on Mattias’s love muscle and anal canal!

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Straight Fraternity: Nico and Mickey

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Mickey O’Brien initiates Nico Stiles into the world of gay-for-pay with a blowjob and a bareback fuck at Straight Fraternity this week. He cums on Nico’s abs while Nico fucks him with his giant cock … then he lies face down on the couch so that Nico can shoot a huge load all over his bubble butt!

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Straight Fraternity: Alex and James: Outside Adventure

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It’s a beautiful day for fucking outside here at Straight Fraternity, and Alex and James are game for it. Alex fucks James’ super-tight hole, which makes him pop right away. Then he sucks James’ cock and helps him cum while he leans back, stroking it in the sun.

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