Straight Fraternity: Angel and Seamus: Playin’ Around

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It’s a cold day outdoors, but it soon heats up inside the Straight Fraternity studio as straight buddies Angel and Seamus get naked together and start playing around with each other’s dicks. Hands soon lead to mouths and it’s not long before these guys are down for giving each other a buddy brojob!

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English Lads: Ricky Hampton and Josh Hathaway

Category : Cock Fondling, English Lads, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fucking

Straight lad Josh hasn’t been seen at English Lads for a few months, but now he’s back and who better than to fuck him than newer lad Ricky … who fucks his first guy today! What a great job he does too … Site Members get to see that he’s always up for a good time, as he strips and sucks Josh before bending him over and shoving a dildo up Josh’s rear. He does a great job at breaking in Josh … loosening him up, and before long Josh is getting Ricky’s long and thick uncut cock in doggie and judging by how hard Josh stays, it seems Ricky’s cock is reaching the right spot!

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Zack Randall: Zack Randall and Billy Club: Fucking Straight Boy Arse

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Billy really has come a long way since he first sucked some dick. He’s enjoying a mutual gobble with the gorgeous Zack Randall in the bedroom for this video, but his arse is no longer off-limits! He takes it well, on his back and being humped to the limit, all the way to some shared jacking and cum shooting that sees him being splashed by Zack’s famous squirting load!

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