Czech Hunter: The Private Party Threesome

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This week the Czech Hunter cameraman pretended to be a tourist visiting Prague and he went clubbing in the hope of picking up a cute guy. But he was way-laid by a cute lad and ended up at a private house party instead. There were about 15 people there – mostly boys, just a couple of girls – and they had brought plenty of alcohol and the party had started sometime earlier. He approached one hot number who agreed to show off his cock and jack off on cam for him, but later he talked two other straight lads there into having a threesome with him … where some hot cock sucking and raw butt-fucking occurred!

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English Lads: James Welbeck and Tyler Hirst

Category : Blow Job, Cock Fondling, English Lads, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Jacking Off

This is a shoot English Lads did on a warm sunny day when both Tyler and new lad James were both very relaxed, enjoying the warmth of the sun. As the lads strip off you can tell they are feeling horny as they soon start feeling each other’s cock thru their pants. Then, if you are a lucky member of the site, or join up, you will be able to see that this really is a first for James. He came a long today to have his cock sucked and feeling relaxed he even wanked Tyler’s cock with just the gentlest of suggestions! Tyler is true to form, his uncut cock goes from soft to hard in seconds and once hard, stays hard! James does too … as soon as he gets his first man blow job he stays rock hard! Two uncut cocks are stiff throughout so perfect for a cock fight! The lads wank each other off and James seems to be really enjoying himself, Tyler is first to cum, though James blows a huge load and most of it goes over Tyler. Well done James, you seemed to enjoy your first man blow!

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SpunkWorthy: Cliff: His First Gay Blow Job

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Cliff might be straight, but he certainly knows that guys can give much better blow jobs than many girls. So when the SpunkWorthy crew asked him to come in for a BJ scene, he was down for it! In fact, Cliff actually held off for a full day from his normal 3-times-a-day jerk-off schedule in anticipation! His dick was rock-hard from the get-go and his orgasm was intense!

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Czech Hunter: The Bi-curious Student Teacher

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It was a cold and rainy day outdoors, so the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to check out his local shopping center for some twink arse. He was immediately lucky, and met up with a cute blond guy within a minute of arriving there. He was nervous because of the cam, but agreed to have a chat. He’d recently moved to Prague to go to the local University as he wanted to become a teacher … but, most importantly, he was quite broke and didn’t have any friends yet in Prague. And then when he admitted to being a bit bi-curious our cameraman decided to try his luck … you can see what happened below!

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