Active Duty: Drew and Wes

Drew and Wes quickly shed the fabric and get down to the action in this scene from Active Duty. Their jockey shorts were soon down around their ankles and hands were stoking each other’s cocks. Then, as Wes bends over to blow Drew’s impressively thick shaft, he sticks his smooth arse teasingly out towards the camera, and if that’s not the sign of a bottom-in-waiting, you’ll never see a better one! The guys get into a 69 so both can blow their buddy at once, and then Drew climbs on top of Wes and pushes his big cock straight up Wes’s tight str8-lad’s poop-chute. The two go at it for a while until Drew can’t hold it in any longer and shoots a sizeable load all over Wes’s gorgeous round cheeks. Then he orally helps his new buddy shoot his own pent-up load!

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English Lads: John Anderson and Cameron Donald

John Anderson is a young straight lad who did his first shoot with English Lads over a year ago and he recently came back and wow did he make it all worthwhile! He came back to do a massage shoot, but there isn’t much massaging going on, except massaging of cocks! Site Members get to see just how great a job John does while getting his cock massaged and how hard his uncut erection gets! He seems to love getting it being handled for the first time by another guy. He’s so loving the wanking, that even he lets Cameron grab hold and suck it and his uncut cock just gets harder and harder. After Cameron sucks him so well, John returns the favours, and grabs Cameron’s dick in return and wanks his first cock … and from the looks on his face he seems to really be enjoying himself! The lads do a great job at showing off each other’s holes too and after all this teasing they lie back and jerk each other until they shoot. Don’t you just love it when straight men have so much fun together!

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English Lads: Josh Hathaway and Tyler Hirst

This is a great shoot with two straight lads and Josh’s boundaries are being well and truly pushed … hard! It’s quite a playful start to this English Lads video, with the lads deciding to do a little wrestling, but before long they have ripped off each other’s shorts and are soon wrestling … naked. Next Site Members will get to see the guys wank each other off and before you know it Josh is on his knees sucking his first ever cock and it looks like he is doing quite a good job too! Tyler returns the favour and sucks off Josh before he sits back and lets Josh ease his virgin hole down his rock hard cock! Josh gets nice and hard, and judging by how he seems to enjoy being fucked, perhaps we have just witnessed the birth of an emerging power bottom!

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