English Lads: Jamie West Fucks His First Man

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Jamie is a horny straight young male who decided he was up for fucking his first man hole at English Lads, saying if he got good head he would be up for anything! So who better than the king of giving straight lads head than Justin, who blows Jamie til he is gently moaning and just before too much pleasure he slides a condom on his very erect cock, rubs with lube and sits straight down on it! Jamie hardly able to believe it happened that quick gently moves his thighs; ummm, not a bad feeling and the lads carry on for some great sex, Justin’s hole getting a great workout stuffed with Jamie’s thick and long cock.

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ChaosMen: Joaquin and Shiloh: Serviced

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Shiloh is the lucky guy to service Joaquin here at ChaosMen this week, and he does a fantastic job! Shiloh sure had it easy this time out too, as Joaquin was getting hard from the moment his towel slid away. He’s crazy responsive to every single touch that Shiloh give him. From massaging his shoulders, lapping at his arsehole, then tempting his cock fully awake with gentle caresses, Joaquin was totally worked up into a sexual frenzy … not bad considering he’s totally straight!

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Gay Hoopla: Jerry Cabrera Fucks Sean Costin

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An unexpected package shows up for Sean Costin at Gay Hoopla house this week … and the sexy delivery guy, Jerry Cabrera, is naturally quickly invited in! Sean, who hasn’t had company in quite some time, asks Jerry if he was done delivering for the day because he’d like him to stick around. Jerry caught his hook and decided a little fun with the muscle man would be a perfect treat to end his work day. Jerry also never had an arse or body quite the size of Sean’s on offer … and he was intrigued and as soon as Jerry slid his uncut cock into Sean’s tight arsehole, Sean went rock hard and stayed that way for the majority of their fuck session!

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English Lads: Ben Thompson and Dan Broughton

Category : Blow Job, English Lads, First Time, Fondling Balls

Ben thought he was out of his comfort zone getting a massage from another man during his last time at English Lads, but in the end he came round to accept the idea that once his cock had been manhandled there wasn’t too much difference with having it sucked! So today Dan did a great job at trying to distract Ben from worrying that his chunky uncut cock was getting its first man blow job, but in the end he said he sort of enjoyed it, but didn’t want to take it up regularly!

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