English Lads: Leo Benson and Dan Broughton

Hot straight lad Leo Benson has done a few shoots with English Lads, but still wasn’t sure about getting his cock sucked. In the end tho, he decided to give it a try, and here are some sample images from the shoot where it actually happens … this really is Leo’s first ever blow job from another guy, and the lucky Dan Broughton also got to give Leo’s amazing body a good once over … including his hairy arsehole!

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Gay Hoopla: Playtime with Jaden Storm and Cole Money

Two site favourites take one another on in a new duo for Gay Hoopla fans. Cole Money and Jaden Storm tease and torment one another until mouths are stuffed with hard cock and tongues are sliding over tight hairy arseholes. Laughter is soon replaced with moans and the intense pleasure two friends can give one another permeates the room. Share their closeness and feel their pleasure as they both explode for, and with, their viewers.

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English Lads: Ricky Hampton and Sam Hansworth

Ricky and Sam have both done a solo for English Lads and have even had their cocks sucked; but today they get test their own cock sucking talents on each other and it looks like they are both pretty good at it! But before they suck each other they have a lot of fun stripping each other and wanking each other’s’ cocks … both are pretty well hung, thick and long, so when they suck each other, Site Members have fun watching as they both seemingly have a tough time getting their mouths round each other’s fat meaty uncut cocks!

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Gay Hoopla: Derek Jones and Jimmy Bona

This was Jimmy Bona’s first scene ever for Gay Hoopla, plus it was also his first time getting a dick up his tight arsehole too! Jimmy wanted Derek Jones to be first, because they only live 15 minutes from each other, which meant that Jimmy felt like he was at home and could relax more, and then if he liked it, maybe he could drop round for more later! Derek really took the time to fuck Jimmy’s fat arse properly. Derek completely filled Jimmy up … right up to the point where he shot his very first cum-shot ever with a dick inside of him!

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