Bad Puppy: Charli Lomoz Gets A Gay Massage

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Stripping down to his underwear, Bad Puppy model Charli crawls onto the table waiting on the masseur to start. Slowly massaging the oil into Charli’s back and arms it appears our masseur is getting a little aroused himself. He slides down Charli’s underwear enough to expose Charli’s hot, muscular butt. Intently working his arse cheeks for a few minutes our masseur then removes Charli’s underwear and goes back to rubbing that nice plump butt and even begins to tease Charli’s man-hole. He pulls Charli up on his knees, displaying his arsehole for the cameras. Our masseur begins working both Chari’s cock and hole with an interesting yellow sex toy. Then he gets Chari to roll over and our masseur begins to stroke and suck Charli’s uncut cock, which immediately springs to life. Charli pulls his legs back so that our masseur can continue working Charli’s cock with his mouth and begin the arsehole massage with his finger at the same time and before long Charli shoots a very nice load all over his hot six-pack.

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ChaosMen: Isaiah: Edge

Category : 'Edge', Blow Job, Bondage, ChaosMen, Hand Jobs

Isaiah is totally straight … sure he’s here at ChaosMen doing gay-for-pay porn, but he’s not going to kiss another guy, touch another cock, suck a cock or get fucked or anything …. or is he? You really need to watch the video … wonders will never cease!

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William Higgins: Tomas Hozman: Street Hunting

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Fingering, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, Jacking Off, William Higgins

The William Higgins cameraman, Borek, is out on the streets trying to find someone to do something with. He finds Tomas Hozman and convinces him to go up into his flat, to help him move something, for money. But before they get to the flat Borek comes clean and explains a little more. Tomas won’t do it in a public place, but he agrees to show off his chest, in the flat. Once they are inside he sits and removes his top to show his chest. Then Borek wants the jeans off too, but first he has to offer more money. That is enough encouragement for Tomas and he takes off the jeans. He then laughs as Borek asks to see his cock. The lure of such a lot of money encourages Tomas, but Borek demands more than just a look. In the end Tomas, sort of, agrees. He removes his underwear and stands up, showing off a lovely hooded cock, nice and soft. Borek’s hand reaches to feel the cock, and then pulls out his own cock, asking Tomas to feel it. Tomas reaches for it and it quickly responds to his touch, getting very hard. He reached forward and takes the cock in his mouth sucking it real good. Borek says that he is sucking it well and Tomas confirms that it is his very first time. When he sits up Tomas reveals that his cock is hard too, and Borek quickly grabs it and starts wanking. He tells Tomas to turn over and show off his arse, and put his finger into the hole. Tomas complies, showing off that sexy arse and pushes a finger against it. Borek then gets himself ready and slides his hard dick into Tomas’s tight butt!

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English Lads: Leo Benson and Dan Broughton

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Hot straight lad Leo Benson has done a few shoots with English Lads, but still wasn’t sure about getting his cock sucked. In the end tho, he decided to give it a try, and here are some sample images from the shoot where it actually happens … this really is Leo’s first ever blow job from another guy, and the lucky Dan Broughton also got to give Leo’s amazing body a good once over … including his hairy arsehole!

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