English Lads: Josh Perry and Chris Little

When you bring a very horny straight young man and mix him with a gay lad gagging to have sex with a straight guy you are guaranteed some seriously hot action! Luckily naughty straight Chris is such a bundle of hormones that he practically unleashes himself on Josh, who hardly has time to breathe, before he is the one being felt up and kissed! He manages to partially take back control by dropping to his knees and showing Chris he is a first class cock sucker! Before long though Chris pushes him back on the bed and they are in a 69, Josh not being able to resist rimming Chris, who turns out to have a very ticklish hole! Josh is soon on his back getting fucked like a good un, Chris certainly knows how to make a gay guy whimper and English Lads site members will see before long Josh is squirting out loads and loads of cum; though not wanting to be outdone Chris manages to fire off his hose with endless squirts all over Josh’s face! Yum, now this is a hot shoot!

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Gay Hoopla: Dmitry Dickov Fucks Phillip Anadarko

Dmitry Dickov adds to his list of conquests by topping another hunky newcomer, Phillip Anadarko, to the Gay Hoopla site in this sexually charged encounter this week. Their hunger for one another is obvious as they touch and kiss and grope each other … eventually culminating in Dmitry fucking Phillip’s tight arse with his enormous cock. Their moans alone will have everyone standing at attention, and when Dmitry finally explodes over Phillip’s face, every member viewing this finale will explode right along with him!

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Gay Hoopla: Derek Jones Fucks Sebastian Hook

Sebastian is a very confident guy; he knows he’s got a cute face, tight arse and hot little muscled body to go with it. He’s hitch-hiked in the past and the guy that picked him up was a bit older than him, maybe 32, 6 feet tall, tan skin and pretty ripped … and although nothing ever happened, Sebastian still fantasizes about the day when he jerks off and think about what could have happened. And this week Gay Hoopla have made his fantasy a reality, as he gets picked up by the uber-hot Derek Jones, taken back to his place and then gets his tight little arsehole seriously fucked!

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English Lads: Dan Broughton and Henry Samson

There is very little teasing in this English Lads photo shoot; rampant kissing while the lads rub their cocks together through their boxers leaves no doubt they are both very aroused! Two rock-hard uncut cocks are soon being devoured and Dan then fingers the still straight Henry, then rims him and finally shoves his big uncut weapon right up there. Henry is soon panting loud for and getting pounded … first in doggie, Dan gives him a real ass workout; he then jumps on the bed and spoons Henry; and finally we see Henry switch around and ride it …  nice gay porn bottoming debut Henry!

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