Gay Hoopla: Sean Costin and Derek Jones Fuck

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Derek Jones and Sean Costin instantly hit it off. They are around the same age, similar height, having the same taste in clothes, music … just about everything! Since this shoot, they actually make time to speak to each other every day … it’s very hard not to make a close personal connection after sharing such an intensely personal experience! The Gay Hoopla cameras were able to capture some of their first interactions as the dirty Derek Jones run his filthy mouth and smashes out Sean’s virginal monster muscled arse.

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English Lads: Josh Hesketh and Jack Windsor

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Josh has jumped in at the deep end today with English Lads and he does a great job at sitting down right onto his first cock! There is a teasy beginning where the lads strip down, have a cock fight and before you know it they are wanking each other. Site Members will see that Jack does a great job at showing off Josh’s arsehole and fingers it a little before shoving in a dildo. Josh seems to be getting slowly broken in as Jack swaps the small dildo for the medium one … and then finally the extra-large one! Josh is soon sitting down on a real cock and after a while he is taking every inch of Jack’s very large uncut throbbing erection and he rides it like a pro. Though judging by his face it’s a bit of a tight squeeze! Lots of fucking later and Josh is unloading,  then Jack pulls out and dumps a pretty massive load too!

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Sean Cody: Brandon and Brendan

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Brandon is back at Sean Cody and today he’s going to bareback fuck the new guy Brendan. Brendan is hot, straight, uncut and eager to see what gay sex is all about. He sucks off Brandon’s hard cock before rimming his tight hole. Then Brandon takes control and pounds Brendan’s tight little arsehole like there’s no tomorrow!

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English Lads: Jayden Hicks and Ben Thompson

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Straight mates Jayden and Ben have come on quite a long journey with English Lads and today they get over their shyness and step up and deliver, stripping down and having some fun cock play and before you know it they are both semi hard and site Members get to see them wanking each other off!

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