English Lads: Jaden Hicks and Dan Broughton

Jaden is best mates with another English Lads model, Ben Thompson, but it took Jaden a lot longer to agree to have his cock sucked by another guy! In the end tho, when the time cums … he is tense for just a few minutes and then really relaxes as Dan’s obvious cock sucking talents work their magic! All the same, looking at how hard Jaden is before he is even out of his boxers, it makes you wonder if he might not have been looking forward to it, at least, just a little bit …!

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Southern Strokes: Woody’s Bang

Woody visited the Southern Strokes lake house to get his fantasy fulfilled, and it was Miles and Rusty who answered the call of duty to help Woody relieve some of his pent up desires. When Miles and Rusty arrived, Woody was already naked, blind folded and had his legs spread waiting for the guys to ravish him. Woody’s uncut cock was hard and dripping pre-cum even before Rusty shoved his own hard cock into Woody’s wet mouth, while at the same time that Miles entered his waiting hole with his big fat country cock!

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Active Duty: Tito Fucks Jason

Straight guys Jason and Tito demonstrate how to make the most of the time change in this hot scene from Active Duty that was filmed first thing early one morning recently! Jason says hooking up in the early morning is a “good way to wake up.” After a little chit-chat the guys get down to business. Tito gets up on his knees to yank off Jason’s shorts. “Well there’s my friend for the day,” Tito says, as Jason’s rod comes popping out of his boxers. Next Jason finds his “friend for the day” by removing Tito’s shorts and they’re off!

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ChaosMen: Vander and Troi

This is Troi’s first full-fuck film. He has ‘reluctantly’ fucked guys before, but he admitted he never was with a dude that compared to Vander. A little switch gets thrown, and suddenly he was down for everything. Before meeting Vander he was saying, “No kissing, and definitely no sucking!” … apparently the no kissing rule lasted all of 2 seconds. Just before the ChaosMen cameraman was to yell, “Action!”, Troi turned to to ask if it was OK to Kiss. YES! Apparently the car ride with Vander to the studio changed his mind! And that’s not all he did … check it all out below!

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