Bait Buddies: Hunter and Remi Mint

When girls get a glimpse of this week’s straight boy’s thick 9 inch cock, they gasp out ”oh my gosh!”… and so do the Bait Buddies camera crew! At 6ft 5in tall, this lean bodied pro tennis player from Virginia, Hunter, is a big boy no matter how you look at it. When the cameraman asks what qualifies him to be a porn ‘star’, he promptly and without much thought replies ”I have a big dick” – and nobody can challenge that fact! Even at 5ft 11in first time Bait boy Remi looks like a ‘mini-me’ next to Hunter. Remi is a cute gay boy from Philly who submitted a model application through the website and was lucky and cute enough to be selected for a shoot on the set with a straight guy … and this is it … enjoy!

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Halfway House XXX: Teaching Valuable New Skill Sets

The guys at Halfway House XXX have learned over the years, that if you feed and shelter them, they easily learn new tricks … not unlike a puppy. This week’s young guy desperately needs to learn some tricks, because with his laziness and predilection for drugs, he is going to need to suck a lot of dick in his life! After he talked back to one of the crew, they decided it was time for some obedience training. He is marched down the hall, presented with two cocks, and then used like a blow up doll … bareback!

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Active Duty: Liam Gets His First Gay Blow Job From Jason

The sexy new recruit Liam returns to Active Duty to take the next step across the gay/straight line by receiving his first gay BJ today … from Jason! The video starts with Liam on his own chatting to the cameraman, who wants him to allow someone to blow him … Liam hesitantly agrees to try it, but eventually gets more into the idea saying, “I’m up for it! Let’s do it!” Jason comes in and they start out shooting the breeze and talking about tattoos, but before long Jason has Liam’s beautiful rod in his mouth and Jason ends up sucking Liam in several positions before Liam finally blows his load!

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