Southern Strokes: Tyler West Fucks Damien

Tyler is hot, sexy and, according to the Southern Strokes guys, is a fucking blast to have around. Today Tyler fucked Damien every bit as hard as Damien had done him in a previous video … Tyler’s cock kept growing bigger and bigger as he was pounding Damien’s ass. Damien shot a good quart of jizz all over his chest and stomach and Tyler worked his prostate over from the inside. This one is fucking hot!

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Southern Strokes: Levi: Massage

Talk about pure beef, Levi just keeps getting more amazing with every trip he makes out to the Southern Strokes Ranch. This time he had leaned up a little which just made this country stud shredded from head to toe. The “Helping Hands” didn’t hold back on this one, he started Levi out on his stomach so that they could work Levi’s sore shoulders. It didn’t take long before they made their way down to Levi’s perfect ass. Levi got up on all fours giving the camera a perfect close up of his pink rosy knot. Then Levi turned over on his back revealing a semi-hard cock demanding attention … so that’s exactly what he got. Levi laid back, stretched out with his hands behind his head enjoying the helping hands so much that he thought he would share his cum shot with us.

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English Lads: Jack Windsor and Dan Broughton

Straight lad Jack Windsor has been on a journey with English Lads and today Dan is in the back seat, Jack is the one doing the driving! Jack doesn’t deny he is a little nervous, so he decides to just jump in and take a few clothes off Dan and slides his big hands into Dan’s boxers! He is met with a large uncut cock that instantly starts to grow in his hand! Then Members will see that as he gets used to that, Dan reciprocates and pulls out Jack’s big uncut cock and before you know it Jack understands why he has two hands; one for his big cock and one for his new friend’s! Dan is very happy sitting back getting his cock wanked by a straight boy and just when he thinks it can’t get better, Jack bends down and blows his first cock and lucky Dan has Jack’s luscious lips round his cock!

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SpunkWorthy: Blowing Galen

Galen, as discovered from his earlier scenes with SpunkWorthy, had only lost his virginity last summer and, since first showing up on the site, has been dabbling in a few new things with guys … but only on film, not in private. Although he maintains that he’s straight, it would seem that Galen is more bi-curious than he lets on. As soon as the cameras were rolling, Galen’s jeans start to tent up with a hard-on underneath the denim. He’s normally a pretty quiet guy, but when some lips around his cock, the look on Galen’s face said it all. He closed his eyes and let out a soft gasp in appreciation of the warm mouth sucking his shaft …

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