English Lads: Lance

Category : Butt Plug, Dildo Action, English Lads

Straight muscular hunk Lance is a born entertainer. He so enjoyed his last dildo experience for English Lads that he’s back to try it again, but this time with a bigger dildo and even a chubby fat butt-plug. He shoves the 9 inch long dildo right up his tight little rear hole and then starts to fuck himself with it … moaning and groaning and wincing each time it goes in and out … enjoy!

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SpunkWorthy: Nate’s Helping Hand

Category : Arsehole View, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, SpunkWorthy

Straight lad Nate was on the fence when the SpunkWorthy Producer asked him about getting a hand job from a guy. He wasn’t too sure about it, as he’d told a bunch of his buddies about doing porn and wasn’t sure he wanted them finding him in any sort of gay shoot. But, eventually, enough cash was on the table to get him to agree! Nate had saved up a couple days load so he was extra horny when the cameras started rolling. And when the hand caresses started, Nate was already rock hard. Then, when his shorts came off and his shaft got lubed up, Nate shut his eyes and rolled his head back with a gasp, then glancing down at his cock being worked over with a look of amazement and disbelief on his face .. he was enjoying himself!

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Bait Buddies: Danny and Krys: Just The Tip

Category : Bait Buddies, Blow Job, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, Kissing, Licking

‘Just the tip’, that’s what the sexy, cute, bait boy, Krys, said to entice the new straight guy to suck his first cock. Krys is back two years from when he was baited into having first time gay sex with another dude. His girlfriend at the time became quick history as Krys went out to explore his other side and he’s never looked back. He’s very straight in appearance so to see him and hear him you’d think he’d still be fucking pussy – and he does occasionally, but he loves picking up straight guys, hunky ones, sucking dick and not too long ago added bottoming to his repertoire. So, he’s happy to return to Bait Buddies to get fucked by a straight guy … and get paid for it. Krys has let his hair grow and with the extra two years in age, he’s now 23, he’s really a looker. Straight guy, Danny, is manly, has a great personality, really nice body and face and a thick 7in cock – he measured it. When he finds out there’s no girls coming, he reluctantly agrees to do a gay scene … and ends up licking … and sucking his first cock!

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Active Duty: Axl and Diego and Evan: Pt 2

Category : 69-ing, Active Duty, Arsehole View, Blow Job, Cum Shot, Fucking, Kissing, Threesome

In their latest update Active Duty features the gorgeous Axl in a delicious trio with Diego and Evan. After spending the weekend hanging out at the Active Duty beach house, these guys were ready for this scene to get hot fast. It involves kissing, a rim job, bottoming, topping, sixty-nine and multiple pops … not bad for three straight guys!

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