English Lads: Ronaldo Cerrio and Justin Harris

Straight footballer Ronaldo has continued to surprise the crew at English Lads, after only giving a quick hesitant kiss at the end of his last duo video, today his kisses are long and sensual, almost passionate, and before you know it both lads are naked and wanking each other off! Justin bends down to suck on Ronaldo and suddenly Ronaldo is rock hard with his rocket uncut cock sticking straight up high against his abs! A little more foreplay and the lads are soon lubing up … Ronaldo sticks his cock up a boys arse for the first time. Like most straight boys fucking a guy for the first time, they simply force it in; Ronaldo is no exception, and Justin is left breathless, though before he has time to catch his breath he is panting as Ronaldo proves he can fuck a guy like an expert!

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SpunkWorthy: Galen: The Gay Massage

Galen certainly has been making up for lost time since we met him on SpunkWorthy a few months ago … in fact, you might remember that he had only lost his virginity a few months before making his porn debut. Well, he’s now decided to take the next step and get his very first “happy ending” massage … and from another guy, no less! To make things even more interesting, Galen took it upon himself to give up jacking off and had a 5-day load backed up in his balls! Needless to say, he was practically busting at the seams as soon as he undressed and started getting a rub down … straight, yes, horny, yes … hot indeed!

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Bait Buddies:Brad Campbell and Luke Wyhte: Help me out, bro

If you like ’em young, you’re looking at the right video, this is about two teenagers recently out of high school. Luke is the 18 year old Bait with a fit, compact body and great legs from playing football in high school. Brad is the Straight guy, he’s only 19, but you wouldn’t know it to look at his muscular, hairy bod and great set of legs, also a result of being a high school football star. Brad’s never done anything like this before; he has a girlfriend and says she thinks he’s out on a modelling job. Whereas Luke is no stranger to porn … he’s done some work for Bait Buddies before, he’s also a stripper at a local Ft Lauderdale club and he loves nothing more than to get his hands on a straight dude. Take a look at the pics below to see what happens!

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Bait Buddies: Damian Taylor and Gavin Waters

Damian Taylor, a 26 year old straight stud with caramel skin, a hot body and big thick cock, is the straight boy in this video from Bait Buddies. It’s his very first porno and he’s excited about getting his hands on a hot ‘girl’ porn star. He thinks he’ll be doing a Double Penetration scene with super stud, 26 year old Gavin Waters, who with his thick dirty blond hair, handsome face, big thick 8 inch uncut cock and flawlessly muscular body is a very popular bi porn star. When the cameraman delivers the crushing news that the girl can’t make it today, Damian appears be unhappy since he’s all hot and bothered and ready to dip his big fat cock into some hot wet pussy. Well, some alternative ideas spring to mind … especially of where that gorgeous cock can go and there’s no girl involved. Watch what happens when Gavin reaches over to grasp Damian’s hard cock … how far will Damian be prepared to go?

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