SpunkWorthy: Palmer: His First Gay Massage

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Palmer is a 21yo straight guy with sexy red hair and a handsome face. He’s done a solo jack-off shoot before with SpunkWorthy, but today he’s back for his first gay massage. He’s had happy-ending massages before, but all were given by women, so he’s a bit nervous about whether he’ll be able to perform (i.e. get hard) with a man at the controls! But he shone … didn’t even tense up when his arsehole was being probed … way to go Palmer!

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Gay Hoopla: Tyler Smith and Brady Corbin

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One of the newer models over at Gay Hoopla, Tyler Smith, is going to lose his anal virginity today, and Brady Corbin is the lucky dude doing the deed! But first Tyler helps Brady get his dick hard with some good sucking, followed by a nice warm and wet rim job. Then Brady turns Tyler onto his back on the bed and rubbers-up and slides his hard dick on home … anal cherry taken, a virgin no more!

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Czech Hunter: The Twink With The Ice Cream

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This week the Czech Hunter cameraman saw this cute young lad buying ice cream and he instantly knew he was going to be the perfect lad to try his story out on. He was in a hurry to get to a gym, which was a bit annoying, but our cameraman somehow managed to convince him to hang around so that he could offer him cash for doing naughty things. He turned out to be really agile and open-minded, although straight. He did everything asked of him, from climbing a tree to taking a shower under a small waterfall which, even in summer, was very cold. At that point our cameraman could see the lad was hooked, he was after the money and would be prepared to do whatever was necessary! They found a discreet place near the path and started getting undressed and before long the lad was sucking our cameraman’s cock, getting it nice and slick before they fucked!

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English Lads: John Dudley and Sam Hansworth

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John has been unsure about doing more filming with English Lads since getting a massage in his last shoot. You see, his cock got very hard at the time … and that’s probably the issue … these straight lads really start to question their feelings when they find out they can get aroused when playing around with another guy! Anyway, it’s good news for us, as today he’s back and John lets Sam push his boundaries even more and even lets him suck his cock! And then, Site Members get to see that he goes even further when he reaches out and gives Sam a hand job too!

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