Active Duty: Hunter Tops Tanner

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Active Duty brings Hunter and Tanner together today for Hunter’s second-ever hardcore scene. You remember last month when the tall, strapping Hunter met up with lil’ ol’ Bailey and topped him? Well, now Hunter has teamed up with the equally gorgeous and straight Tanner, an Active Duty Pro if there ever was one, and you’ve got a ring-side seat to watch the sparks fly.

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Gay Hoopla: Cole Money and Cody Wolfe: Flip Fuck

Category : Blow Job, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, Gay Hoopla, Kissing

Cody and Cole really are really passionate guys. This sizzling video from Gay Hoopla was self shot and is extremely hot. Watch Cody beg Cole to hurry and cum because his dick is just too big! Don’t forget to watch after the credits … for something extra special! And next month, the guys turn the tables and Cole gets Cody’s big cock up HIS arse!

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English Lads: Paddy O’Brien Gets a Blow Job

Category : Blow Job, English Lads, Fondling Cocks, Massage

Paddy is one of those models you don’t come across that often; today he lets English Lads push his boundaries way past where he originally thought he would ever go and just watch how much he enjoys it! Now who better to play the role of “let me do that sir” than Dan, who blindfolds Paddy jokingly playing “sexy Susie!” So it starts all slow and sensual, Dan decides to cover Paddy in white cream and rub it in playing particular attention to Paddy’s nipples! And no sooner is Paddy feeling safe in the hands of a masseur than those hands are in his boxers manhandling one big cock! That is the least of blindfolded Paddy’s troubles because Dan decided to lick Paddy’s cock and before Paddy has time to say “don’t fuckin’ do that” it is in Dan’s mouth and being deep throated; Paddy now short of breath uttering “you fucker” pulls out of Dan’s mouth and cums all over the place!

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Southern Strokes: Jordon

Category : 'Serviced', Arsehole View, Kissing, Rimming, South'n Strokes

Jordon from Southern Strokes is a hot 21 year old Southern Boy that stands 6ft 2in tall and weighs 200 pounds of pure delicious muscle. Jordon has the goods down under as well. He is also packing a thick 8 inch cut cock and sports a beautiful pink hole.

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