English Lads: Paddy O’Brien Gets a Blow Job

Paddy is one of those models you don’t come across that often; today he lets English Lads push his boundaries way past where he originally thought he would ever go and just watch how much he enjoys it! Now who better to play the role of “let me do that sir” than Dan, who blindfolds Paddy jokingly playing “sexy Susie!” So it starts all slow and sensual, Dan decides to cover Paddy in white cream and rub it in playing particular attention to Paddy’s nipples! And no sooner is Paddy feeling safe in the hands of a masseur than those hands are in his boxers manhandling one big cock! That is the least of blindfolded Paddy’s troubles because Dan decided to lick Paddy’s cock and before Paddy has time to say “don’t fuckin’ do that” it is in Dan’s mouth and being deep throated; Paddy now short of breath uttering “you fucker” pulls out of Dan’s mouth and cums all over the place!

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SpunkWorthy: Blowing Vince

When Vince finally turned up at SpunkWorthy (after weeks of the Producer trying many and various ways to convince him to come in and try a gay blow job) he was ready to go, for sure, with a 3-day load saved up. His eyes were fixated on the DVD playing in the background at first, but quickly lost interest and started focusing on the mouth wrapped around his shaft instead … Vince swore that he’d never been able to get off with a blowjob, and there was a lot of work involved getting him up to the edge, but as the intensity grew and grew, Vince threw his head back and let loose one well-earned nut!

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