Czech Hunter: Cute and Scared Lad Willing To Go Gay For Pay

Changeable weather, the end of Autumn, and the start of Winter, it can be a hard time to find the right guy for the Czech Hunter cameraman, but he gathered some energy, switched on his Cam and went out on the hunt. He finally found a very nice part of Prague, just down from the Petrin tower, and there he saw a cute and scared young lad, just the way he likes them! Despite all that, he didn’t have any problems talking to a stranger. He lived with his mother and works in a bistro for a low salary, so it didn’t take much to persuade this young fellow to accept our cameraman’s dirty offer!

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ChaosMen: Jon and Pax

When ChaosMen first met Pax, he said he had messed around with one or two guys before … nothing serious; one of them was just a one-time thing, but the other, it sounded like it lasted over a year. Not sure how many times in that year, but he basically got serviced by, and fucked, the guy. When he described the guy, he mentioned he was young, very well-groomed, no body hair, and very thin … basically a ‘twink’. So when Jon said he was up for getting fucked, they knew just who to put him with for his first time … Pax would feel right at home as Jon is a bit on the twink-ish side!

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Czech Hunter: The Bi-curious Student Teacher

It was a cold and rainy day outdoors, so the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to check out his local shopping center for some twink arse. He was immediately lucky, and met up with a cute blond guy within a minute of arriving there. He was nervous because of the cam, but agreed to have a chat. He’d recently moved to Prague to go to the local University as he wanted to become a teacher … but, most importantly, he was quite broke and didn’t have any friends yet in Prague. And then when he admitted to being a bit bi-curious our cameraman decided to try his luck … you can see what happened below!

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