Active Duty: Tim and Wayne: Raw Flip Fuck

The shredded Tim and sexy Wayne are paired up for the second time in this scene from Active Duty … but this time for a sizzling flip-flop fuck! You’ll all be awestruck by Tim’s body. His abs are like a cheese grater! The guys get down to business and soon enough, their packages are out, and the stroking has commenced. Wayne starts to suck on Tim, who sighs and moans in appreciation. A few minutes go by, and it’s Wayne’s turn to get a lickin’, as Tim leans over and takes Wayne into his mouth. Really though, the best part is the anal action. To see Wayne get pounded by Tim doggy style, and to see Tim’s absolutely ripped abs as he thrusts into Wayne, is a sight to behold. Then it’s revenge time, as it’s Tim’s turn to bottom. He grins and bears it through the initial pain of penetration … cool video to watch two straight dudes enjoying their mates and their bodies together!

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