English Lads: Chris Little

One of the naughtiest lads on the English Lads website, Chris Little, makes a comeback today! Chris finds himself in the bedroom all alone and takes the opportunity to watch some porn on his phone and before long has a massive hard erection and is wanking himself off! Chris teases his uncut cock in his jeans before he whips it out and pumps his meat! Chris loves a bit of arse play and Site Members get to enjoy watching as he soon has the dildos out and he sure puts them to good use! He lubes himself up and fills his hairy hole with the purple dildo and enjoys it so much that he can’t help but shoot his load and squirts loads of cum everyone! Chris is feeling so horny that he doesn’t stop there and finds a bigger dildo to pump his eager hole again! Playing around with all the toys, Chris finds himself climaxing for a second time! That was a lot of jizz, Chris!

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Czech Hunter: Fucking The Parkour Lad

Parkour is a really interesting hobby/sport. The Czech Hunter cameraman likes watching people who are good at it. Mainly because it’s done by dudes in pretty good shape. A few of his friends fucked parkour guys and it was apparently a treat every single time. So, he decided to try doing the same thing and went hunting to a known parkour spot. It didn’t look like a good idea at first, the place was really run down, but then he met a cutie working on his skills. Petr had a day-off from his job at a nearby farm and was sweet enough to have a little chat with him. To be honest, our cameraman didn’t pay too much attention to the conversation because he was totally focused on his lean body and bulging crotch. The lad looked a bit uncomfortable, maybe because he was hiding a huge boner in his pants. He said parkour makes him very excited … well, how could our cameraman possibly find a better guy!

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FraternityX: Hot Pocket Punch

Even a full-fledged bro can be the bitch when he keeps fucking the FraternityX guys over. One of the guys in the house keeps taking all the beer money for some god damned weed. Wouldn’t be that big of a deal except the little fucker smokes it all and doesn’t say shit till the guys are ready to party. If he isn’t going to treat his bros with respect, then they’ll knock his arse down to bitch level and treat him like one. Maybe he’ll remember all their hot pocket cocks tearing up his arse next time he’s on beer duty!

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Sketchy Sex: Cum Rush

This time of year is the best. The Sketchy Sex bros get a bunch of new dick coming through town plus their regulars bring their visiting buds. Even old housemates drop in to get some of the action, which is good because there’s always a lot more cocks than holes. These guys were rowdy, can tell it’s been a while since they got to breed cum-sluts deep or use raw is law holes. Think they’ll have to keep the house open a few days non-stop to keep the line from getting past the front door.

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