Breeder Fuckers: Bailey: Part 4

Adrian and Dave from Breeder Fuckers have captured, tied and stripped straight Aussie Bailey. They drag their new slut into the communal showers where they meet two guys who were about to shower. The captive backpacker has learned that severe punishment awaits him if he disobeys. Dave demonstrates what a good blowjob his new straight whore gives. The guys line up to get their cock knobs spit-polished by Bailey’s tight resistant mouth. On his knees with his hands tied behind his back, he’s unable to stop the onslaught of erect dicks being shoved in his mouth from every direction. His cock and balls are tied and he’s bent over so his tiny arsehole can be widened by a dildo on a stick. Bailey is vigorously spit-roasted till he’s gagging, tears run down his cheeks and his face is beet-red … come back tomorrow to see what happens next … !

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