Breeder Fuckers: Bailey: Part 5

Kitted out in his holiday gear, hetero Bailey is an enticing conquest at Breeder Fuckers. He’s like thousands of guys we’ve all seen gallivanting around and teasing us by flashing his body while surfing. It’s time for this beach bum to become a sexual servant for an anonymous group of strange men. Straight Bailey needs to be trained to beg for his heavy ball sack and tight anus to be used. Only through receiving intimidation and cruel bondage can this cocky arrogant man’s brain be rewired so he becomes a real cock sucking slut who exists purely for the sexual pleasure of other men. Bound naked on the dirty floor he’s mercilessly fucked and trained to orally service dick while being caned and given electro shocks. His Breeder Fuckers captors leave him trembling and broken with spunk dripping down the back of his throat.

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