Broke Straight Boys: Duncan Tyler and Tristan Stiles

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Ever since he’s appeared on the Broke Straight Boys site, Tristan Stiles has shown the skills of an expert pass around bottom boy! Oh sure, he has topped too, but when his legs are in the air and arsehole exposed, it’s like Tristan finds himself another gear. In today’s sexy update, he’s paired with Duncan “donkey dick” Tyler. After some typical straight lad vocal banter, the guys get naked and the cameraman gives Duncan a command … “Down on your knees, son.” Duncan giggles, hits his knees, and sucks on Tristan’s tool. When it’s Tristan’s turn to suck, he can barely get Duncan’s huge pink cock head into his mouth. He tries to deep throat the fat salami, but fails. However, Duncan has few complaints, as it’s now fucking time! Check it out!

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