Broke Straight Boys: Dylan Sharp and Paul Canon

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Dylan and Paul are paired up over at Broke Straight Boys today and this pairing was intentional … they’ve recruited “Headmaster Paul” to teach newbie Dylan how to go down on another dude! He doesn’t seem too put-off by the idea of sucking on a dick, but he’s still a little nervous about it! Once both lads are naked, Paul gives Dylan’s cock a bit of a suck first … to show him how things are done … the it’s Dylan’s turn … he works his way south and takes Paul’s thick prick in his mouth, working the sensitive tip and rubbing Paul’s throbbing shaft with his hand as he gets the hang of how to blow a dude. He goes nice and slow, trying to get that cock as deep down his throat as he can while he jerks him fast, then he sucks on his balls while Paul gets himself off and Dylan cleans up some of that hot cum with his mouth!

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