Broke Straight Boys: Johnny Forza and Cage Kafig and Damien Kyle

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“You’re going to get fucked” says Johnny Forza, as he looks right at Damien Kyle. Next to Damien is Cage Kafig. “You’re going to be the pretty boy bitch at Broke Straight Boys today” Johnny jokes. The guys get rid of their clothes. Cage and Johnny sit next to each other, and Damien gets between Johnny’s thighs. The “pretty boy bitch” sucks Johnny while jerking Cage’s cock. He then moves over to Cage … “Go all the way down,” Cage orders! Damien’s mouth can’t accommodate all of the huge rod. He returns to Johnny’s johnson, and even gives those cum heavy nuts a swipe with his tongue. “You want these big cocks, don’t you,” Johnny asks … Damien only moans in response. Then while Damien is sucking Johnny, Cage moves down to suck Damien, but at the same time he inserts a finger in Damien’s hole … to prepare and loosen him up a bit … the fucking then commences and Damien get’s it fro both guys in several hot positions … a very hot video too!

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