Broke Straight Boys: Kaden Alexander and Tristan Stiles

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Today Tristan and Kaden are sitting on the Broke Straight Boys studio bed. This is Kaden’s first time working with their new cameraman and he’s looking forward to it. “I’m excited to shoot with you,” Kaden says. “I really am.” Then they get naked and Kaden immediately drops to his knees. However, Tristan wants to smooch it up first. So the two guys hug and kiss. There’s lots of tongue and neck nibbling. Then Kaden kisses his way down to Tristan’s tool. He swallows it all and Tristan moans … Eventually Tristan also wants to have a taste of some man meat. He pushes Kaden on to the chair and returns the oral favour. Kaden’s tool is no beginner’s toy and poor Tristan gags a few times. Soon tho, we see Kaden reach for a condom and puts lube on his sheathed sausage (and Tristan’s hole). Tristan gets on the couch and points that sweet arsehole toward Kaden. After slowly working his rod in, Kaden pounds hard and deep and Tristan takes each stroke with a loud groan!

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