Broke Straight Boys: Sergio Valens and Jason Matthews

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“Let’s get down to dick sucking.” You have to love Sergio for his ability to get to the heart of the matter. LOL! Once he utters that line, Jason starts to take off his clothes. And who doesn’t love to see Jason and Sergio standing naked in front of the Broke Straight Boys cameras? The cameraman asks both studs to shake their money-makers. Sergio jiggles his booty, but the winner of this contest has to be Jason. Those globes of arse flesh seemingly move at his command. “You got a booty going on,” Sergio says. But Sergio has other things in his sights and is soon down on his knees with Jason’s johnson in his mouth. Sergio focuses on the head, getting it slick and shiny. “Is it my turn yet,” Sergio asks?. Jason keeps his seat as he blows away. He licks those balls and deep throats Sergio’s pole. “Oh, shit,” Sergio groans … he sure is loving Jason’s professionalism. Taking that rod to the root, giving him the type of blow job Jason is well known for. “What do you say we move to the bed,” Sergio says. It seems he thinks the fucking portion of this video has arrived! Sergio puts on a condom, and Jason gets his hole lubed up. The pair get on the bed, with Jason straddling Sergio’s meat. In one slow stroke, he glorious cheeks are parted and his hole pierced … “Fuck,” he mutters, before leaning in for a kiss, and Sergio replies with some tongue!

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