Broke Straight Boys: Skyler Daniels Fucks Tate Thompson

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Skyler and Tate have been keeping busy, but they both found themselves strapped for cash so they’re back in the Broke Straight Boys studio and ready to fuck! You can tell that these two like to take their time and enjoy themselves, making out for a while before getting into the oral, and Tate’s the lucky first there! He leans back as Skyler works his magic, sucking on that dick and deep-throating it as he moves his mouth nice and slow up and down Tate’s curved cock. But Tate is craving some meat, too, and takes Skyler’s juicy dick in his mouth, shoving it all the way down his throat and licking his balls as Skyler throws his head back in pleasure. Tate’s cock-sucking skills have got Skyler even more horny than before, and he gets Tate on the bed and sticks his prick right in, fucking Tate hard and deep as Tate moans for more!

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