ChaosMen: Rudi: Serviced

Rudi emailed ChaosMen saying he was up for a blow job video, but actually wanted to suck some dick back, as he thought, “That might be hot” … Rudi is straight and married, but has got that whole ‘bi thing’ going on. Not sure how much guy/guy experience he has had, but he seems relatively new to it. Enter Jessy, who was actually a last minute insert and had woken up that morning and had nutted, then found out he was doing a blowjob video that he was actually going to have to get his dick hard for … yikes! Watch the video to see how things panned out!

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Straight Fraternity: AJ and Jasper

AJ and Jasper are best buddies, and although both are straight, there has always been a certain amount of sexual tension between them … especially when they are alone and horny! Anyway, both guys were short on cash and decided to try some guy-on-guy stuff for Straight Fraternity and get paid for it. They started out by kissing, then Jasper blew AJ for a while, then AJ returned the favour … then they did some 69, which they both really got into … check them out … friends with benefits!

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