Clothed Male, Naked Male: Allen Stripped

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Whenever the dominant guys at walk past an office block guarded by some big muscular brute they can’t help thinking all that brawn is being wasted. One of them, Nick, made it his business to become acquainted with security guard Allen and heard all about his financial woes. Gym membership, personal training and protein bars are all difficult to pay for on such a low wage job, so he eagerly agrees to come back to the CMNM office for an afternoon of pleasure. With his wide, mean-looking mug, Allen is a tower of muscle and spunk. Surprisingly he got excited being completely naked and admired by three clothed businessmen. The businessmen went wild using his firm body in every way they pleased. Check back tomorrow to see Allen being Violated …

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Terry Wanked

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After all that anal action straight man Terry’s balls have received, he’s ripe for draining by the three demanding clothed men from Somehow knowing this man is a devoted father made tugging on his dick so much hotter for the clothed men. Unsurprisingly, this badboy father produces a huge load of sperm. He’s never tasted spunk before so they make him eagerly gobble it up.

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Terry Stripped

Category :, Stripped

Once a man settles down to marry and have children he may seem untouchable, but that only makes the men at want him all the more. Young fathers really get them going – especially when they are as masculine and studly as sexy tattooed Terry. He used to be a wild boy, but is now a responsible family man who only wants to do the best for his son by getting him into the CMNM exclusive college. The dominant clothed men are very picky about who they accept so they conduct a thorough naked examination of him to make sure his son comes from good stock.  Check back tomorrow to see Terry being Violated …

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Jon Stripped

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At Clothed Male Naked Male Jon is a proud footballer who initially sneered at the board members when he was ordered to strip. Jon quickly realized he could lose millions from his contract if they aren’t satisfied so he’s now eager to satisfy their every desire and hops on the trophy table to bare his anus for the commanding clothed men. Drop back tomorrow to see what happens next …

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