Clothed Male, Naked Male: Daniel Stripped

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The dominant clothed men at Clothed Male Naked Male discover that Daniel’s pert young student’s ass is covered with a fine layer of new fur. It takes them some foraging to find their way to his tight asshole, but it is well worth the search. Drop back tomorrow to see what happens next …

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Terry Violated

Category :, Violated

At, responsible young father Terry has a dirty secret. He likes having his ass played with. Terry has never had his hole used this much. The dominant clothed men first work him open by sliding a finger up. Then they fuck him together with some double-finger penetration. And finally they fuck him with a long dildo which turns this horny dad on so much he can barely speak. His asshole twitches in response as they tease his cockhead. Check back tomorrow to see Terry being Wanked …

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Allen Violated

Category :, Violated

There’s nothing like the smell of a man’s virgin asshole. At, big muscular Allen has a particularly resistant hole and the tops loved working past his natural resistance. It’s hot how Allen’s face sneers in anger as his ass resists their invasive fingers forcing their way up his hole. It’s the same face he makes when battling through a particularly hard weight-training session. Allen is a real trooper, taking the dildo all the way up to the hilt. Watch this amazingly built powerhouse take it up the ass for the first time. Check back tomorrow to see Allen being Wanked …

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Clothed Male, Naked Male: Allen Stripped

Category :, Stripped

Whenever the dominant guys at walk past an office block guarded by some big muscular brute they can’t help thinking all that brawn is being wasted. One of them, Nick, made it his business to become acquainted with security guard Allen and heard all about his financial woes. Gym membership, personal training and protein bars are all difficult to pay for on such a low wage job, so he eagerly agrees to come back to the CMNM office for an afternoon of pleasure. With his wide, mean-looking mug, Allen is a tower of muscle and spunk. Surprisingly he got excited being completely naked and admired by three clothed businessmen. The businessmen went wild using his firm body in every way they pleased. Check back tomorrow to see Allen being Violated …

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