College Dudes: Sean Summers and His Dildo

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Sean Summers is one of the hottest new College Dudes models, and they get his to show off his more versatile side in this hot dildo scene. Sean is so good natured and eager to try almost anything at least once, but he almost balked when he saw the girth of one of the dildos they had ready for him. But true to form, however, he ended up smiling and letting them know he was fine … willing and eager! Sean works up his cock before prepping his ass with a liberal amount of lube. Soon enough, his virgin ass is getting cracked open for the first time. Sean works it in slowly – after a few minutes though, he is fairly comfortable and getting aroused by his hole getting stretched out. Onto his knees, Sean gets a preview of how it is to get fucked doggie style. By the moans and groans he is going to love it!

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College Dudes: Scott Isaac and His Dildo

Category : College Dudes, Dildo Action

The College Dudes crew are big Scott Isaac fans, and after months of trying to get something up his tight little asshole, Scott finally decided to try a toy. Scott was excited when he went to the local sex toy store to pick it out, and when he got back, he took it out of the box to admire it. Luckily, less than an hour later Scott was pounding his meat and stretching his hole. Hot stuff!

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College Dudes: Eddie Blake and his Dildo

Category : College Dudes, Dildo Action

Eddie Blake has been hitting the gym double-time, and he is more ripped than ever! Even though he is certainly nervous at first to stick anything up his butt, he gives the College Dudes cameras a great show! Eddie strips down to his undies, and after getting himself in the mood, by slowly working his cock up, Eddie takes the thickest dildo he could find and begins to work it into his tight pink hole. As he slowly inches the toy into his ass, he breathes a little louder and starts stroking his dick a little more … great solo!

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College Dudes: Nick Stuart and his Dildo

Category : College Dudes, Dildo Action

Nick Stuart is one of the sexiest 18 year olds the College Dudes team have ever worked with, so when he called wondering what else he could do, they had a dildo in his hands hours later! He had never had anything up his ass before, so they carefully prepped him before the scene – so, much to their surprise, Nick turns out to be a natural. He works up his cock, slides the dildo up his hot butt, and starts going nuts! Hot stuff!

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