Missionary Boys: Elder Hardt and Elder Miller

Elder Hardt made sure that he and Elder Miller arrived at the Missionary Boys mission home a tad early, when he knew the Mission President wouldn’t be home. Using his keys, he let himself and his new friend in and quickly suggested that they take advantage of their alone time together in the beautiful mission home. Hardt wanted to get the most out of their time together … he quickly stripped his nervous companion and they kissed, sucked and fucked as quickly as they could … in case the Mission President returned early!

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Missionary Boys: Elder Haddock and Elder Kensington: Workover

All the missionaries know that Elder Haddock likes to take long showers. Which is understandable, since showering is pretty much the only time a missionary is allowed to be alone. When Elder Kensington heard he’d be working over with Elder Haddock, he immediately pictured Haddock masturbating in a shower. He was sure that Elder Haddock had a thick, meaty dick. The thought made his own dick twitch in his pants. And, in this scene from Missionary Boys, true to the rumour, Elder Haddock takes his sweet time in the shower this morning. Is he masturbating? Elder Kensington can’t be sure, but he plays the scene out in his head anyway. He lies on the bed and imagines Elder Haddock stripping off his tie, his shirt and his pants, then stopping to admire himself in the mirror … his own cock is now rock-hard and he starts jerking off … then, unknown to him, Elder Haddock finishes his shower and is about to join Elder Kensington in the bedroom, but spies his buddy jerking off and, despite being straight, stops to watch …

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Missionary Boys: Elder Kensington: His Evaluation

During Elder Kensington’s evaluation, Missionary Boys Bishop Angus grew concerned about the amount of hair covering the young Elder’s balls, wondering if it might have the same effect on the lad’s testicles that a pouch on a pair of briefs would! With this, the Bishop felt that it was in the lad’s best interest … as well as in the best interest of the priesthood body as a whole … to shave the missionary’s ball sack and shaft. But there wasn’t any concern with the hair on the lad’s arsehole, and Bishop Angus wasted no time in lapping his tongue all over and inside Elder Kensington’s hairy hole!

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Missionary Boys: Elder Kensington Gets Curious

Caught with his pants down, straight lad Elder Kensington was both embarrassed and aroused at the same time. The aftershocks of his powerful orgasm were still shaking his body as the priesthood leader moved closer towards him, finally planting himself on the desk directly in front of the nervous lad. Elder Kensington was speechless; he stared at the monstrous bulge in the older man’s pants. He could feel the blood rushing to his face. For some unknown reason he was drawn to the idea of reaching out and touching the crotch just inches in front of him … without a word, the older man took a hold of Elder Kensington’s still very swollen cock and gave it a gentle tug and Elder Kensington let out an involuntary moan … check out Missionary Boys for the rest of this super-horny video!

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