New York Straight Men: Freddy The Face Fucker

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Meet Freddy! He is a hot, hairy blond who hails from Sweden but now calls NYC his home. Freddy moved to New York a few years ago with his girlfriend. The gf works with the UN and Freddy does odds jobs to keep himself occupied. Keeping busy doesn’t necessarily mean keeping out of trouble in his case. He quickly discovered that NYC is one of the best places in the world to get his cock sucked! He really loves blow jobs and his open minded girlfriend doesn’t really care, in fact he says that she prefers that a guy blows him over another woman. The Swedes are very smart! Freddy arrived at New York Straight Men ready to test out Trey’s cock sucking skills … and they did not disappoint!

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New York Straight Men: The Next Level: Ryder

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New York Straight Men took Ryder to a place where he has never been and wasn’t completely comfortable going. They didn’t want this to be just another a blow-n-go scene. Ryder is such a stunning guy they wanted to exploit the situation as much as they could. So cock-sucker Trey was instructed ahead of time to get “frisky” with Ryder as much he could. He licked him ABOVE the waist … all the way up to his neck and even sucked on Ryder’s scruff covered chin! His natural instinct was to push Trey away, but he didn’t … but you can see that he was uncomfortable. As Trey moved down … down to his chest, Ryder breathed a sigh of relief … it looked like he actually enjoyed his pecs getting licked and massaged … then when Trey moved all the way down to Ryder’s cock, he was in much more comfortable territory … Ryder still prefers a woman to suck his cock, but has learned to appreciate a skilled mouth, no matter who it belongs to!

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New York Straight Men: Aaron’s Massage Adventure

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New York Straight Men today took Aaron to a whole new level! Now that he is more comfortable with this “gay” stuff, they arranged an interactive experience for him. Trey massaged and licked him all over … including a deep rim job, and of course, an amazing blowjob, where Aaron blows a huge wad!

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New York Straight Men: Paulie’s A Bud

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Paulie is a bud of Jamie … a very good gym buddy. They work out 3 or 4 times a week together. Paulie is a hairy guy with steel blue eyes. He has a serious girl who loves to suck him off … but every now and again he likes a bit of a thrill. It’s not often that he will let a guy suck his cock, but it does happen, and it happened on Sunday afternoon with New York Straight Men … Paulie showed up wanting to drop his load. Trey got on his knees and right to work.

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