Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Christmas Street Party

A good friend of the Czech Hunter cameraman, Peter, has been wanting to try out being the cameraman for well over the past year, but until now he hadn’t been given the chance. This week tho, the regular cameraman was off on holidays, so Peter was given the cam and sent off to find a young lad to have some fun with! Peter is a sexy guy – a bit younger than the usual cameraman and always horny. He went to the local Christmas market and found a young lad who was a bit drunk, but was able to convince him, for the right amount of cash, to come back to his hotel room and show off his cock. He had a nice big one too, but Peter had some trouble convincing the lad to suck his own cock back, but in the end he succeeded, plus he also got to fuck the young lad’s arsehole bareback too!

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