Mormon Boyz: Elder Haddock and Elder Kensington: Workover

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All the missionaries know that Elder Haddock likes to take long showers. Which is understandable, since showering is pretty much the only time a missionary is allowed to be alone. When Elder Kensington heard he’d be working over with Elder Haddock, he immediately pictured Haddock masturbating in a shower. He was sure that Elder Haddock had a thick, meaty dick. The thought made his own dick twitch in his pants. And, in this scene from Mormon Boyz, true to the rumour, Elder Haddock takes his sweet time in the shower this morning. Is he masturbating? Elder Kensington can’t be sure, but he plays the scene out in his head anyway. He lies on the bed and imagines Elder Haddock stripping off his tie, his shirt and his pants, then stopping to admire himself in the mirror … his own cock is now rock-hard and he starts jerking off … then, unknown to him, Elder Haddock finishes his shower and is about to join Elder Kensington in the bedroom, but spies his buddy jerking off and, despite being straight, stops to watch …

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